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You'll Never be Successful if You Struggle with Anxiety.


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If you're here, you made it past the title; yay! So, hi, I am living, breathing proof that you can have anxiety AND be successful at the same time. Does anxiety hinder success? Only if you let it stop you on your path.

I Once Read...

“Being a business owner and entrepreneur isn't for the weak, stressed, anxious or impatient. You don't have time to crumble or drop off completely for a break. Your business and people need you to be successful."

This quote above was actually posted publicly by someone I truly looked up to in business. The toxicity and lies that quote holds is extremely disappointing, and I hope that no one ever reads something like this and takes it to heart, as I almost did.

Anxiety can...

Be different for everyone, and have different effects both mentally and physically. This is the first and most important thing to remember. Anxiety is not a personality trait, a sash to wear, or something to be taken with just a grain of salt. However, your anxiety is most importantly not something you're labeled with like a sticker on your forehead. More often than not, people are shocked when I share my struggles of anxiety with them.

My Personal Struggles with Anxiety.

Never trust your fears, they don't know your strength.” - Athena Singh

Looking back, my anxiety started at a pretty early age, as it does for most. The thing is, I didn't know what exactly caused my anxiety. I would simply rationalize it with being extra nervous because of a big test coming up, a project I'd have to do, or some other major thing. It wasn't until entering high school that I came to terms with my anxiety becoming relevant on even the most minuscule of things. For example, I would wake up in the morning and I could physically feel my heart beating faster than it should have been.

Fast forward into my professional career... long-story-short, I started in the medical field, had this entire plan to become a CRNA(Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist), but then felt my calling into the world of business, and from there I hit about every hill and valley imaginable. I was blessed to work with and work beside so many amazing people in different industries, but I knew that in the end, I was ready for more. At this point, my now-business partner and I co-founded two technology companies and I began the journey of sharing MY journey with you all. Is my anxiety still present? Of course. Has my anxiety or excess stress caused me to be unsuccessful? Absolutely not. I'd never let it. I'd never let anyone tell me that I cannot be successful if I feel stressed or anxious.

Do you Struggle with Anxiety?

First of all, you are never alone. Second, I'd love to share with you some of my favorite strategies on coping with anxiety or getting through an anxiety attack .

  1. Breathe. If nothing else, keep breathing. I like to count down from 20 while I breathe.

  2. Ground yourself (if you can). If I'm in the middle of an anxiety attack or feel one coming on, I like to reconnect myself with the ground; this is simply putting your bare feet on the earth and feeling the connection. (Also, remember to keep breathing).

  3. Know what triggers your anxiety, and if you are so able, try to avoid those triggers. If you cannot avoid those triggers, I'd recommend removing yourself from situations that are too triggering, or excusing yourself so that you can, again, breathe and catch your breath.

  4. Personally, I love the 3-3-3 Rule - I name three things I see, three things I hear, and I move three parts of my body; typically my fingers, ankles, and arms.

  5. This is my BEST coping strategy, and it's so simple... remind yourself that you are doing your best, you are enough, and you are human.

Anxiety is not a cookie-cutter, "one fits all" type of thing. It is something that most seek professional help with, and I am by no means a professional. If you are struggling with anxiety, I do recommend seeking out a professional who can help you to manage your anxiety, as well as guide you on what your personal anxiety may entail, and fight that. Remember that you are stronger than your thoughts, you are stronger than any words that are thrown at you, and you are more than ENOUGH.


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A note from the author:

I'm so glad you're here! Thank you for taking the time to check out this post. I cannot wait to continue to share even more with you!


As always, continue to keep your personal cup just as full as your coffee cup with unlimited refills.

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