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Hi there! My name is Alyssa, and I would love to personally welcome you to some very personal areas of  my life, covered here on The Unlimited Refills Blog, where keeping your coffee cup filled is just as important as keeping your personal cup filled. 

I'm thrilled that you're here! You and I, we're a lot alike - we're both trying to live a life that we love, in whatever way that most resonates with you. 

The creation of The Unlimited Refills Blog started as I began to realize that life was made for more than just living, and living it more than just half- in (or half- full)! I hope to bring content that not only touches on the happy sides of life such as solo- travel (one of my personal favs) and the BEST overnight oats recipes, but also the tough and messy topics we often try to avoid like unhealthy relationships in the workplace or setting boundaries and sticking to them.

My story started with trauma, and today I am glad to say it has landed me here; ready to share, inspire, encourage, and teach you how to maintain a personal cup with unlimited refills. 

Today, Alyssa is a dual business Founder and Business owner. She the CEO & Founder, of course, of The Unlimited Refills Blog and her company Katurah Inc. where she thrives in the foundational concept of  "An Executive Supporting Executives".

Alyssa is a PROUD Nationally Recognized Blogger, Motivational Speaker, and a #1 Best Selling Author as a part of a curation called "Slaying Tampa Bay"

Welcome to my life!


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